About Us

Company Overview

Excelerate Energy L.P. is a developer of LNG transportation and regasification infrastructure, a provider of LNG storage and regasification services and an importer of LNG. It leads the industry in the development of innovative, flexible and less capital-intensive floating LNG importation solutions based on its dockside (GasPort®) and offshore (Gateway) Excelerate Energy Bridge® shipboard regasification technology. In just ten years, the company has developed nine floating storage regasification units (FSRUs), three Gateway offshore LNG importation terminals and four dockside GasPort LNG importation terminals. The company has also developed into a global LNG marketing and trading organization active in the short-term market.

Why Excelerate Energy?

With more than ten years of integrated technical, business development, project execution, and operational experience, we are unrivaled in our ability to respond quickly to our partners’ needs. We are the recognized industry leader and have delivered more floating regasification solutions – on time and on budget – than any other provider. Excelerate Energy relies on its experience to ensure predictable outcomes.

In December 2010, Excelerate Energy responded to a public Expression of Interest (EOI) and Pre-Qualification (PQ) process designed to identify companies that could develop, construct, own and operate an offshore facility to deliver natural gas specifically to the Aguirre facility. Upon completion of the process, Excelerate Energy was selected as best qualified to conduct the technical study to confirm the viability of an offshore terminal to bring natural gas directly to the Aguirre Power Plant.