Project Site Plan

Key Characteristics

The Aguirre Offshore GasPort will be a floating LNG terminal with the same capabilities as a land-based terminal. The terminal will consist of a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU), minimal infrastructure to moor the vessel, and a subsea pipeline to deliver the gas onshore. A floating LNG terminal has the onboard capability to transport, store and convert LNG back into natural gas, a process known as “regasification.”The cost of constructing and operating our floating terminals is significantly less than building and operating a land-based facility of similar capacity.

The floating terminal will have a baseload throughput capacity of 500 Mmcf/day (based on 1,500 MW) with a storage capacity of 3.2 Bcf (150,900 m3 FSRU). The facility will deliver 250 Mmcf/day at commencement, but will increase in capacity as demand grows.

LNG supply will be delivered to an Excelerate Energy FSRU through periodic transfers from traditional LNG carriers via Excelerate Energy’s proprietary ship-to-ship LNG transfer protocol. The LNG supply transfer will take place while LNG is continually being regasified and delivered into the Central Aguirre Power Complex, through a subsea pipeline by the FSRU, ensuring a continuous supply of natural gas.

Excelerate Energy Bridge™ FSRUs

Excelerate Energy not only pioneered the concept and delivery of floating regasification vessels. The company’s FSRUs, which are proprietary floating LNG regasification and delivery systems, act in all aspects similar to a land-based terminal. This system involves the use of purpose-built LNG carriers that transport and vaporize LNG through specially designed offshore and near-shore receiving facilities. Our solutions use a combination of proven technologies and equipment in a new application. They are an innovative step forward in the importation of LNG.